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Our Approach

Bridgewater Partners offers all-encompassing services for our clients. As one of the leading advisory groups in the San Francisco Bay area, our reputation thrives on our high-level of customer satisfaction. When our clients are truly confident in their financial stability, we have done our job.

At Bridgewater Partners, our mission is to nurture and support a holistic approach to our client’s financial needs. This begins with an overarching emphasis on listening first before providing education and concrete solutions. Holistic planning begins with an understanding of our clients' cash flow and identification of risk areas in their “financial house”. This triggers a wide range of discussion points that prompt the following questions:

  • How might I manage an unexpected death during my prime earning years? 
  • Do I run the risk of outliving my assets?
  • Does my investment portfolio coincide with my risk profile?
  • Am I adequately protected in the event of a lawsuit from a car accident or injury at my residence?
  • How could a change in tax code impact me?
  • Am I in the right health insurance plan?

The advisory team at Bridgewater Partners takes a purpose-driven approach to the inherent financial threats we all face in an uncertain world. Through thoughtful collaboration with our clients--we strive to provide unique solutions that satisfy our clients' thirst for financial security and independence. In the era of automation, we remain steadfast that more meaningful results are derived from communicative person-to-person interaction, and we certainly relish in the opportunity to be included in the conversation.

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